When building a shopping center, you have to understand that it is different from downtown and local business strip malls. A shopping center is pre-planned to bring in the right mix of merchandisers for maximum profits. In addition, the site is selected based upon the amount of traffic it can bring in. Moreover, parking space is relative to the retail area. Customer’s like shopping areas the offer convenience, safety and speed. The first question you have to ask is will your shopping center offer customer appeal?


Do you have the funding?


In the United States, the average shopping mall is approximately 56,212 square feet. They usually have two floors with around four “anchor” stores such as a Macy’s, Dillards, JcPenney and so on. Aside from land or demolition costs, this type of building usually costs around $24.9 million to complete or around $442 per square foot. This pricing assumes that labor is “unionized.” Of course, you need a large and clear tract of land that can be achieved with Houston land clearing. You need the space not just for the mall, but also for parking and landscaping.




In order to finance a mall, you need major leases from companies with strong credit ratings. In addition, you need to prove to lenders that you can attract tenant rosters with triple-A ratings of national chains. This may include local merchants that have good business records and a proven estimation of the market. Furthermore, you have to show that your location and market will provide the profits you need to run and maintain a successful shopping mall.


Questions to ask


How much space do you need and where do you want it? After land acquisition, the first step would be land clearing in Houston. Of course, the amount of space you need sets your rent rate. You need enough space to attract the types of merchants you and your customers want. How much space do you need to handle the sales volume you expect? How much space do you need for inventory and a shipping and receiving area? Will you have enough space for a potential expansion. Also, location is everything. Are you in an area that will provide a lot of traffic? Do you want to cater to more independent and specialty retailers?




How much will you charge for rent? You want to charge enough to make a profit, that is still attractive to merchants. Your rent is stated as a minimum guaranteed rent per square foot of a leased area against a percentage. The percentage is normally between 5 and 7 percent of gross sales. Using a percentage of sales means you get a higher rent if sales are higher. At the same time, you get a lower rent if sales are lower. You can also charge for maintenance of common areas. Then, you have to decided if you will offer a “tenant allowance.” This is a cost allowance toward the completion of a merchant’s retail space.


Architecture and design


To build a shopping mall, you definitely need an architectural team. You first have to decide on the scope of the project and set up a preliminary budget. Then, you want to draft a list of proposed work, budget and outline of plans. Your architectural team with create the schematic design, draft floor plans and elevation drawings. After this, you need to meet with structural engineers and planning agencies to ensure you meet requirements.


Once you have finalized the design, you need to think of materials and finishes, fixtures, equipment and all systems within your shopping mall. You should review your plans with the necessary local agencies and get the right permits. When it comes to deciding on construction services, it is best to go through a bidding process. Although, you always want to hire a reputable company. Although, construction can’t begin unless you start with Houston land clearing.


Managing your shopping mall


Once the construction is completed and the tenants are in, you have to manage the facility. Make sure you have clear instructions for all of your rents and leases. It is critical to have good tenant relations. With a good tenant, you can improve occupancy and rental returns. If you have a busy shopping center, you should meet with your tenants at least monthly. For tenants that have active issues, you should meet with them more frequently. You also want to have a tenant retention plan to protect your tenant mix and rental returns. This can include a standard lease that is fair for all tenants–don’t assume they won’t talk about their leases with other tenants.


Building a shopping mall can seem larger than life. Yet, it is simply a building process, just like anything else. When you break it down into actionable steps, it becomes much easier and a lot less overwhelming.


Buying koi can be a bit addictive. But why limit yourself to koi? You can have a whole range of colorful and characterful fish in your pond besides koi. Consider branching out to these species next time you’re checking out the latest koi fish for sale:




Apart from koi fish, Goldfish are most closely associated with backyard ponds. They come in all kinds of different shapes, sizes and even colors. Their orange and white colors make them blend in well with koi. Goldfish are easy to breed, so expect a lot of babies. In fact, koi and goldfish hybrids can actually occur, although they are not very showy and usually resemble a common carp rather than the gorgeous koi carp we all know and love.


Mosquito Fish


Mosquito fish are much smaller than koi. They are small, silver-colored fish that resemble guppies. Mosquito fish add variety to an outdoor pond by basically being the exact opposite of koi—small and plain in color. They do eat a fair few mosquitos, although so do most other pond fish!





Plecostomus are ground feeders that come in a wide variety of colors, although many are brown with black speckles and blend in easily with a rocky surrounding. Plecos are an excellent addition to any pond or tank for algae control. However, they cannot survive cold temperatures and must be moved to an indoor tank once water temperature threatens to drop below 55 degrees. Note that plecos kept in large ponds can grow to be up to two feet long, so be sure to have an appropriately sized tank on hand for the winter.


Golden Orfe


These medium- to large-sized fish look a bit like a koi and goldfish hybrid. They have the carp-shaped body with the rosy-orange color of a goldfish. Golden Orfe like to swim near the surface, so it’s easy to sit back and watch them swim around, even if the other fish in the pond are feeling a bit shy. They like to have a buddy of their own kind, so it is recommended to have several at a time.


American Flag Fish


This fish got its name due to its red and bluish-white stripes. Although very pretty to look at, this is a shy fish that prefers to have plenty of hiding places at its disposal. Like plecos, the American Flag fish is great for algae control.




Bitterlings look like miniature carp and range in color from grey to silver to pink to gold. As you might have guessed, bitterlings aren’t sought after for their appearance. Instead, they are a wise addition to any koi pond for their appetite for anchor worms, a parasite that affects koi.




Tench have a smooth appearance and a mud-like color, although golden varieties do exist and make a great complement to any koi, goldfish or golden orfe that you have in your pond. Tench are useful for pond health because they are bottom feeders and stir up silt and debris when rummaging for food. This debris can then be circulated into the filters more readily, and the pond stays cleaner.




Barbels are a type of catfish that can grow quite large. They are another bottom-feeding fish that helps to clean up after the koi and stir up any debris that hasn’t yet gone to the filter. They are best suited for larger ponds where they have room to grow and move around. Barbels are plain in color and are a practical addition to a koi pond rather than an aesthetic one.




Anyone who has been out fishing might think sturgeons are a very odd choice for a koi pond because they can be quite large and aren’t exactly pretty. However, sturgeons are another bottom feeding fish that is popular among koi fanciers who have larger ponds. The long, thin, pointy and somewhat bony appearance of sturgeon makes them look like nothing else in your pond, and that alone makes them a very interesting marvel. Some might say they look a little like sharks if you only catch a glimpse of their tail end.


Not Just for Looks


Because koi need exceptional water quality in order to maintain good health, the water is often clear enough and the pond is often shallow enough to see right through to the bottom. Take advantage of the great viewing conditions by adding a little variety to your pond. The other fish species not only will be entertaining to watch when you can spend some time relaxing by the pond, but also will be beneficial to the overall health of the pond thanks to their varied habits.


A cottage style home is one that utilizes cottage furniture and décor, but what exactly does that mean? Cottage style homes are often some of the most unique because the idea behind the cottage design is itself unique. It is a blend of functionality and aesthetics. A blend of the old and of the new. It embraces uniformity in some areas while also emphasizing unique items that stand out against the backdrop of the room. It’s perfect for homeowners that loves a traditional feel, but also have an artistic bone and a sense of unique style.

Being such a multifaceted design style can make it difficult to wrap your head around at first. Traditionally, cottage furniture was sold in complete sets. These sets might include Victorian style beds, washstands, dressers, and vanities. Today, most items are purchased individually and for their own unique reasons. Aside from tying in with the color scheme of the room, many of the items may not even seem to go together, but that is part of the appeal of cottage décor.

A Brief Look At The History.

Cottage furniture has come a long way in the United States and went through some changes, but much of the same core concepts remain. It became really popular in America through the late 19th century. It was originally produced for high class homes and families. However, as with most fads that start with the high class, the rest of the population soon caught on and found ways to produce their own quality cottage furniture without the outrageous price tag.

Cottage furniture of today is meant to give the appearance of age, wear, and tear, but without necessarily being so old. It’s entirely possible to decorate your home with authentic antique cottage furniture, but that would cost a pretty penny. Most of today’s furniture is stained, painted, and sanded to give it a weathered appearance.

Slipcover Upholstery.

Slipcover upholstery is the staple of cottage furniture, primarily the slipcover sofa. This is because cottage furniture tends to put a lot of emphasis on the designs, whether painted on wood or woven in fabric. Slipcover sofas are a great way to bring these designs into the room and keep them looking great over the years.

Slipcover sofas tend to work best with more colorful rooms, but there really is no limiting the possibilities because there are so many cover designs available. You can find the ideal cover for just about any color scheme out there.

Possible Themes.

Many cottage homes feature a floral design and accommodate this with real flowers or bouquets throughout the room to match their upholstery. This theme can continue further with rugs, tabletop covers, paintings, and other forms of décor.

You could also scrap the floral idea altogether and go with something softer and simpler. If you change midway through the year you don’t have to worry about replacing your sofa altogether because you can simply remove the slip cover and slide a new one on in its place.


A fairly low decorating budget won’t stop you from making your home look comfortable and lovely. Country home decor can be the perfect touch to give any room a casual and comfortable look and feel. These inexpensive home decor accessories are bound to add the perfect accent and add just the right touch.

You may want to create some items yourself. Crafting home decor with a country look is a lot of fun. However, most people have a limited amount of time. It’s good to know that you can buy accessories with a very home-crafted look to them, and they are affordable and available for quick shipping.

Country Home Decor on Limited Budgets

For very practical accents, consider things like lamps, throw pillows, and mirrors. Not only are these country items lovely to look at, they also have actual uses in your living room, den, or bedroom. They are also bound to invite conversations when guests come over. In fact, functional and lovely country items are even bound to please your mother in law!

For a touch of whimsy on your fireplace mantle, wall, end table, or bookshelf, you might consider some purely decorative accents. Figures, pictures for the wall, and other decorations may add exactly the right color and style to pull a room together.

Other Touches For The Country Look

Paint: One of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve your home it so simply paint the walls. For a country look, consider warm and natural tones. For example, sand, pale yellow, and other earth tones are good choices. If you have children, consider buying semi-gloss or gloss of a high quality as it washes better than flat and cheap paints do.

Floors: If you have a chance to touch up your floor, consider a wood or laminate. If you can’t afford this, you can buy vinyl that has been embossed to mimic different types of wood and other natural materials. These are inexpensive, really easy to care for, and easy to put down without a professional.

Furniture for Country Rooms

The good thing about the country style is that mismatched and older furniture is perfect. If you don’t have a budget to buy new furniture, you are bound to find what you need at garage sales or thrift shops. You will also help by recycling this old furniture, so you can feel great about saving some money.

Country Home Decor: Perfect for Budget Decorating

The country look is quite popular and in style. However, you can get the comfortable and casual look that you want by adding a few accents, putting on a coat of point, and if you can afford it, changing your floors.

Even if you don’t care to change your floors and walls, you can purchase some beautiful items to add just the right accents to pull together the items that you already have. Country clocks, pillows, paintings, and mirrors are affordable choices. For budget decorating, consider going country!

The zodiac Lazernaut-popular pool cleaner in France

Different countries due to several environmental factors prefer certain brands of swimming pool cleaners. Among the most preferred robotic cleaners in France is the zodiac lazernaut .Over past decades this easy to assemble swimming pool cleaner has been used in several homes in France and some pool cleaners have also used it for the purposes of commercial cleaning.

The Lazernaut is fitted with a long enough cable which is fitted and locked to the lazernaut body for use eventually. The power mechanism makes the Lazernaut to be able to clean the pool quickly and efficiently within a turnaround time of 11/2 hours .The air is first evacuated from the Lazernaut by tipping it upside down to enable its aeration.

The lazernaut is generally sold as a complete package with a trolley which is usually meant to navigate the pool cleaner and a set of remote control devices .The setting of the lazernaut is set in such a way that it uses an electric current and is meant to be switched on and be submerged into the swimming pool for effective cleaning.

The user can alternatively choose to run the Lazernaut on either manual or automatic modes by just pressing on the control mode on the machine’s remote control system. The remote control mode of this machine is well set with indicators to show when the machine is in perfect use or requires some changes

During the use of the machine, the swimming pool is not meant to be used by anyone and the machine should stay in the pool without any aid. The machine must be kept at least 3.5 meters away from the pool edge and must not be exposed to sunlight during use. The swimming pool cleaner has brushes which help in scrubbing the pool floor and walls and is also able to detect which parts of the pool is not cleaned.

The French are known the world over for their choice for good things in life; there can be no mistake with this choice of swimming pool cleaner which is predominant in the French society. Though other brands of swimming pool cleaners are available, the Lazernaut always takes precedence.

What is birthstone and how to use it?

Most of the people fall for jewelry items as a reason of its beauty not the meaning. If it is a matter of gems then the ordinary people does the same and craves for the precious one where meaning is not present. If you noticed a number of people wearing gems and finally decided to get you noticed and wear a gem yourself then this article will be helpful for you. You will know which gem has magical powers which may be your lucky charm and get you good luck. There are birthstones which are believed to have magical powers. People say that it can heal wounds, improve sexuality and relationship etc. as you will wear a gem then why not wear the one which get you a lot of extra advantages.

Birthstones have their own past but there is more than one story available which makes it hard to define the real story. Since the ancient times birthstones have been around and people used them as luxury jewelry items. In those days some of the people even believed that birthstones can hold various magical forces which could guard the wearer or proprietor of the stone. These birthstones were usually believed to be connected to the Zodiac. Nevertheless, current birthstones are allied to the 12 months of the English calendar. Each month has a unique birthstone of its own along with its magical properties. People who believe in this myth love to wear their birthstone in any kind of jewelry. They believe that like the ancient time these stones will still help them to get success in the way of life.

Both men and women have the attraction on glamorous vintage jewelry from the beginning. Almost everyone wants to have an ornament as it is one of the most glamorous ways to show off your status. So, why not get one for your loving mate? That person cares for you and represents you in some aspects so you can simply get a birthstone earring to make that loving person surprise. When that person finds out the magical fact he/she may become more affectionate to you.


 Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners: Specification

This type of pool cleaner is a fully contained, self sufficient machine. Robotic pool cleaners are driven by their own motors and have another motor for vacuuming. Normally, they use a long extension cord for power. Unlike the suction-side and pressure-side pool cleaners, this type of pool cleaner needs to be removed when cleaning is complete. Robotic pool cleaners cost more than the other two types of pool cleaners. However, you can expect to save money in the long run because you do not have to run your swimming pool pump while the pool cleaner is in use. Also, since a robotic pool cleaner has a built-in filter, it will prolong the life of your current swimming pool filter system. Robotic Swimming pool cleaners are efficient for cleaning especially debris, steps and waterline tile of pool plus there are fewer chemicals that are lost even when extra cycling of the pool is needed. This electric appliance has a filtering system with the ability to remove dirt, debris, leaves and other unwanted materials from the pools without requiring pool drainage.

While the pool provides many advantages and beautifies the overall appearance of the house, it also requires regular maintenance so that it stays clean and healthy. In this case, a robotic pool cleaner is a promising solution that prevents homeowners from doing the entire pool cleaning jobs manually. 

Here are few Examples: 

Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners

 1.      Dolphin 99996323 Nautilus – It is a basically a simple robotic pool cleaner equipped with all necessary features for residential in-ground pool. It is a plug and play appliance without requiring assembly or pre-installation. The automatic shut off is as well an excellent addition that helps to prevent wasted electricity. Despite the fact that Dolphin Nautilus is considered a small appliance, its filtration rate reaches up to 4,233 GPH.

2.  Hayward Tiger Shark QC RC9990GR– The biggest strength of Hayward Tiger Shark is the availability of two cleaning options including automatic and Quick Clean. With its automatic option, the appliance will scan and map the size of the pool so it can plan the most energy-efficient cleaning motion without compromising the result. If you choose to use the Quick Clean option, the Tiger Shark will perform the cleaning job in the shortest time possible based on the size and shape of the pool.

3.  Zodiac Polaris 9400 Sport 4WD- The cleaner features unique cleaning mechanism called Vortex Vacuum Technology. This is generally similar to other types of suction mechanisms equipped on other pool cleaners, but Polaris 9400 Sport can do everything more quickly thanks to the smartly located debris container. Impressively, Zodiac Polaris 9400 Sport implements 4WD style allowing the appliance to easilywander any difficult area in the pool such as steps and walls.


Uses of birthstones

Both men and women have the attraction on glamorous vintage jewelry from the beginning. Most of the people fall for jewelry items as a reason of its beauty not the meaning. If you want jewelry with a meaning then birthstone jewelry is best for you. Some people believe that these stones are connected with 12 Zodiac signs and moths of the year. Some birthstones protect its wearer from nightmares and other dangers. Some birthstones ensure good health and heal wounds. So, birthstone is something very interesting.

Gold or silver is used as jewelry items from the beginning till now. As its common, almost every jewelry lover has gold or silver jewelry. In this century of fashionable outfits only a gold or silver jewelry is not enough to make you look unique in the party. So, to get complements in any party or get together you must consider birthstone jewelries. Wearing birthstone jewelries is a craze now and from pope to famous celebrities everyone is wearing birthstone jewelry.

Birthstones are available in almost all the popular color. To reflect your personality and taste you can wear your birthstone with clothes of any color. Just think how you will look on that short bold red dress while you have your red colored birthstone bracelet on your wrist. You can attend any party or just a romantic night out with that special person. You will definitely get complements from your friends and nearest one. 

Birthstone jewelry can also be used as special gift item. All you have to do is get the month in which that person was born and search online. There are so many online birthstone jewelry providers and they offer a wide range of ornaments. Just choose the one you like most and suit your budget. So, if you buy birthstone jewelry you are actually buying a stone with ancient myths behind, an ornament which fits in any occasion or party and finally a knight which will guard you all the way. It’s also a conversation starter and you can thrill your friends and others by telling them birthstone stories.


Eternity rings have long been bought as a celebration favoring. They have an unfading offer that you can’t beat, especially if you have been hitched for quite a while. These rings identify with all that is awesome and esteeming about marriage.

Eternity quality gatherings from Hatton Jewels:

Various men give these rings on the first or third celebration, however these eternity rings make incredible presents for a birthday, Christmas, or whatever other basic life event. In case you are considering how to pick the unimaginable time span ring that you have to present to the love for your life, read on underneath for a couple tips that you should a great many.

Notwithstanding the way that, gems are the most generally perceived stone chose for Eternity rings, present day rings you can get in distinctive sorts of precious stones or blueprints.

Picking The Stone For You’re Perpetually Ring

The four Cs of gems are basic in the matter of picking the right stone for your Eternity ring. Examined on underneath for a couple tips on picking the cut, clarity, shading, and carat weight.


You simply need to buy a gem with a not too bad or mind blowing cut assessment. You do this by doing your examination and bantering with people who know their gems. Unmistakable conditions of gems have different cuts to them, so you should be careful when picking the stone for the unending time allotment ring of you’re choice.


The shading of a gem is looked into on a scale that ranges from D to Z. D and F are the valuable stones that are said to be the most vital. Right when valuable stones accomplish the estimation of K, they start to look yellow and dull. If you are scanning for a shaded valuable stone, then you should look on a tinted inspecting scale.


The clarity of a valuable stone is measured on a size of F to 13. F and VS1 are thought to be of more regard. When they start to fall into the orders, the valuable stones start to lose regard quickly. A gem with a lower assessment will have a ton a bigger number of blemishes than a higher assessment will.


The carat of a gem from Hatton Jewels is truly how much the valuable stone weighs. This is totally an individual slant as unmistakable carat weight gems look greater or more diminutive on differing evaluated women.



 An automated pool cleaner (APC) is one of the several pool cleaners which clean sediments and other residue in a swimming pool with the least possible help from humans. It has become a necessity nowadays for pool owners, whether at home or for resort use. Other types are battery operated or manually powered ones which are efficient only when it comes to cleaning small scale pools such as kiddie’s pools, small spas and tubs. However, automated pool cleaners are intended for cleaning small to medium sized pools, larger spas, and to clean specific spots in larger pools. APCs are convenient for those pool owners who want to maintain the cleanliness of their pools regularly and in the most convenient way. However, they can only help lessen – and not completely remove – the need for skimming, brushing and vacuuming swimming pools. This way, more people can enjoy swimming in much cleaner water more often.

A type of APC is the Suction-Side Cleaner. They attach to the pool’s suction side as water is strained out from the pool to be filtered. This type of cleaner utilizes suction pressure to circulate around the pool’s floor and sides, vacuuming dirt and sediments through its hose and then into the pool’s strainer and filter. This type of cleaner is ideal for places where dust and other small rubbles, such as leaves and twigs, can get in the pool. However, larger pieces of debris such as acorns and larger leaves may need a leaf container which will prevent clogging of the filter basket. 

On the other hand, Pressure-Side cleaners work with the pool plumbing’s pressure side. Clean and filtered water is being back into the pool. Unlike the Suction-Side cleaner, this type of APC uses pressure alone to move around the pool’s sides and floor, vacuuming sediments and dirt into its debris bag, thus reducing the wear-and-tear on the pump’s filter. Pressure-Side cleaners are best for pools which are more likely to get larger type old debris such and branches of trees and acorns. Moreover, some Pressure-Side cleaners may need a separate booster pump in order to work.